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2018 Stashdown – late year update

From you have I been absent since the spring. Oops.

I have been busy knitting and spinning, but I’ve managed to completely fail to update here (mostly because I’ve been rubbish at getting photos done). I will cover Tour de Fleece in its own post, but will just summarise here that I turned 886g of fibre into 3,500 yards of yarn during the TdF period.

So, what have I been otherwise up to since April?

After finishing Abisko (the last recorded stashdown entry), I worked my Winged Fancy gradient into a short-sleeved pullover (Cullum), using up 904 yards in the process:


I stayed working with handspun to complete another short-sleeved top (Bayside), which took another 918 yards out of service.


Next up was a quick baby jumper for my hairdresser, using 467 yards of stash:


This was followed by a stranded cardigan which mixed handspun and Wollmeise, for a total of 1,191 yards (and which I only added the buttons to yesterday):


This took me up to the start of Tour de Fleece, where (as I said) I turned 886g of fibre into 3,500 yards of yarn:

I also managed to spin another 280g of fibre into 1,584 yards of 2-ply light-fingering weight yarn, but finished this after Tour de Fleece had finished:


I immediately started working with this new handspun, starting with a long waterfall cardigan (Bienvenidas), which used up 1,376 yards of yarn:



Then I got stuck into another gradient sweater, using up 946 yards of yarn:


That was September. I ran an overseas marathon in September (Berlin) and another in October (Chicago), so was a bit busy with those, before tackling another gradient sweater, this time a version of Elfe without any striping, using up 1,148 yards of handspun:


I still had a fair bit of the Mermaid’s Lair gradient left after that so threw together a cowldana design (part cowl, part bandana) which used up 169 yards in the first iteration:

And 260 yards in the second:


That brings me to, since April:

Yarn out:  8,468 yards, 2,013g
Yarn in: 5,084 yards, 1,166g

Net yarn decrease: 3,384 yards, 847g

Fibre stash reduction: 1,166g.

Updated stash figures as at today (and before I get a new fibre delivery):

Yarn stash:  48,129.2 yards (just over 29 miles).
Yarn stash: 11,377g

Fibre stash: 600g

The eagle-eyed may spot that my figures don’t quite tally from the Q1 update, that is because I have marked some small scraps of yarn all used up as they will be used for tying up skeins, etc.

2018 Stashdown – first quarter update

I started 2018 with 54,562.1 yards or 13,076g of yarn in stash and 1,680g of fibre. My aim for 2018 is still to try and work through as much of this as possible, whilst limiting my purchases (but not going the full ‘cold sheep’). Ravelry has also included a ‘challenge’ feature in which I have committed to try and complete 12 knitting projects during the year, and I’m going to try and make them all sweaters (all the better to use up yarn). Alas there isn’t also a spinning challenge option, but Tour de Fleece will be coming up again in July and I’ve probably not got enough fibre for the duration (shame, and I won a gift voucher from my favourite dyer too).

I started the stashdown by spinning up some fibre (promptly giving myself a ganglion cyst having been away from the wheel for so long). 280g of fibre somehow turned into 292g of yarn, a 2-ply gradient in ‘Winged Fancy’ colourway. 904 yards total.


I then thought I’d better get stuck into the stashed yarn, having just increased my net stash, so pulled out some Wollmeise and got stuck into a sweater. Miranda’s Mom used up a full 2 skeins, so 1,150 yards (300g).


Another sweater quickly followed, this time Mesmeric, which used up another 2 skeins of Wollmeise, this time 300g gave me 1,020 yards of yarn.


Marathon training was kicking in at this stage, and I didn’t want to add in treadling to already tired legs, so I kept up the sweater-knitting kick and used up another 880 yards (or 258g) of yarn in Hyperion.


One last sweater to finish off the quarter, this time I turned the Abisko sweater upside down (and lengthening the sleeves) so that I could just keep working until I ran out of yarn. This turned out to be quite a long way, given the lace, turning the sweater into a dress and using up 300g or 1,150 yards of yarn.


Q1 yarn out:  4,200 yards, 1,158g
Q1 yarn in: 904 yards, 292g

Q1 yarn decrease:  3,296 yards, 866g

Q1 fibre stash reduction: 280g.

Updated stash figures at the end of Q1:

Yarn stash: 51,266.1 yards (just over 29 miles).
Yarn stash: 12,210g

Fibre stash: 1,400g