Going solo

Unfortunately today I had to close my ravelry download store. It came to my attention that despite being provided with evidence by multiple people that certain elements of the new website design posed a risk of causing seizure and migraine, the team is continuing to use these elements in the download email that accompanies a pattern purchase. These elements (primarily the drop shadows) remain even if the purchase is made by a member who is using the classic ravelry skin, or has turned off the more damaging elements in their profile.

This leaves me no choice but to suspend my ravelry store so as not to expose any customers to this risk.

I do not take this decision lightly, as ravelry has a monopoly in the fibre world, and I will lose income as a result of taking my sales off this platform (though they will still appear in the database). But I feel that this is the only option available to me, as it is not possible to customise the download emails to remove these elements.

Any purchases made through ravelry will continue to be available in your library, or accessible via your original download email. All patterns are now available here in my pattern store.

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