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Screenshot of pattern store

New pattern store now open!

Back in late 2014 I had to move my pattern sales away from my own website due to the new EU rules applying VAT on digital sales base on the location of the buyer. This was all too much for me to track, so I outsourced all of my sales to ravelry who handled the VAT for me.

Now that ravelry has become inaccessible and dangerous for some people following their recent styling choices, I have decided to bring my pattern sales back in-house. They will also remain available for sale on ravelry, but for anyone who cannot or does not want to use the pattern sales feature there, all individual patterns are now available here in my pattern store.

I am still working on getting the ebooks moved over (I am hoping to do this via bundled purchase discounts rather than having to set up even more links for people to have to click through) and the styling’s not quite where I want it yet. But I wanted the priority to be providing access to the patterns for people who want them.

I have used all standard, tried and tested, WordPress and Woocommerce plug-ins, so there is no need to worry that you are being treated as any sort of guinea pig. That said, if you do find any problems, please let me know and I will try and fix them asap.


Digital pattern downloads

Due to the ongoing accessibility issues at ravelry, I am working on adding the ability to download my free patterns, and buy my paid-for patterns directly from this website. At this time I cannot guarantee that I will be able to offer paid-for downloads to EU residents due to the onerous digital VAT regulations, but will pursue all options available to me.

While I am setting all of this up, if you would like to download one of the free patterns listed at the free patterns link above, or buy one of my paid-for patterns, but do not want to/cannot safely access the ravelry website where they are currently hosted, please drop me an email at alice at doggrelldesigns dot com and we’ll work it out.

Accessibility warning for those accessing ravelry

It has come to my attention that the recent changes to the ravelry website (where my patterns are sold) are potentially dangerous for people with seizure and/or migraine indicators. An option has been given to switch to the old styling while work is undertaken to mitigate these issues, but you have to navigate the new styling in order to do so.

If you have an urgent need to buy any of my patterns, please let me know and I can arrange for this to take place without you having to access ravelry (but will ensure that you still have your pattern saved in your ravelry library as well as a digital copy emailed directly to you).

I can be emailed at alice at doggrelldesigns dot com.

Floral lace poncho

Pattern release day: Floral lace poncho

This fun floral lace poncho is great for wrapping up on cool summer nights. Featuring an all-over floral lace pattern, with contrast diagonal flowers you can wear this in multiple ways.

A delicate picot edging both starts and finishes this poncho.

The instructions are provided in both chart and line-by-line written formats, to suit all knitters.

Finished size is 64“/163cm square, 29“/74cm straight drop from neck to edge.You can find more pictures by clicking the image above, and can buy the pattern here: Floral Lace Poncho.