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Tour de Fleece 2018

I had a relatively quiet Tour de Fleece this year, mostly because I was away for a week towards the end of it, so I knew I wouldn’t get much done.

I initially got out all of my fibre with the intention of spinning it up:

This included (going anti-clockwise from the right) 291g of Raven’s Wing gradient, 302g of Dephinium gradient, 293g of Hummingbird gradient, 280g of Mermaid’s Lair gradient, 280g of Mineralise gradient and 300g of a cashmere, silk and BFL gradient.

I have made a collage of my daily progress pics:

And the finished skeins came out like this:


1,376 yards of 2-ply fingering weight Raven’s Wing gradient.



946 yards of 2-ply DK weight Delphinium gradient.


1,178 yards of 2-ply fingering weight Hummingbird gradient.


A total of 3,500 yards spun up over the course of the Tour de France/Fleece.

2018 Stashdown – late year update

From you have I been absent since the spring. Oops.

I have been busy knitting and spinning, but I’ve managed to completely fail to update here (mostly because I’ve been rubbish at getting photos done). I will cover Tour de Fleece in its own post, but will just summarise here that I turned 886g of fibre into 3,500 yards of yarn during the TdF period.

So, what have I been otherwise up to since April?

After finishing Abisko (the last recorded stashdown entry), I worked my Winged Fancy gradient into a short-sleeved pullover (Cullum), using up 904 yards in the process:

I stayed working with handspun to complete another short-sleeved top (Bayside), which took another 918 yards out of service.

Next up was a quick baby jumper for my hairdresser, using 467 yards of stash:

This was followed by a stranded cardigan which mixed handspun and Wollmeise, for a total of 1,191 yards (and which I only added the buttons to yesterday):

This took me up to the start of Tour de Fleece, where (as I said) I turned 886g of fibre into 3,500 yards of yarn:

I also managed to spin another 280g of fibre into 1,584 yards of 2-ply light-fingering weight yarn, but finished this after Tour de Fleece had finished:

I immediately started working with this new handspun, starting with a long waterfall cardigan (Bienvenidas), which used up 1,376 yards of yarn:

Then I got stuck into another gradient sweater, using up 946 yards of yarn:

That was September. I ran an overseas marathon in September (Berlin) and another in October (Chicago), so was a bit busy with those, before tackling another gradient sweater, this time a version of Elfe without any striping, using up 1,148 yards of handspun:

I still had a fair bit of the Mermaid’s Lair gradient left after that so threw together a cowldana design (part cowl, part bandana) which used up 169 yards in the first iteration:

And 260 yards in the second:

That brings me to, since April:

Yarn out:  8,468 yards, 2,013g
Yarn in: 5,084 yards, 1,166g

Net yarn decrease: 3,384 yards, 847g

Fibre stash reduction: 1,166g.

Updated stash figures as at today (and before I get a new fibre delivery):

Yarn stash:  48,129.2 yards (just over 29 miles).
Yarn stash: 11,377g

Fibre stash: 600g

The eagle-eyed may spot that my figures don’t quite tally from the Q1 update, that is because I have marked some small scraps of yarn all used up as they will be used for tying up skeins, etc.