Monthly Archives: October 2017

Stashdown 2017 – September progress

A very busy time away from the knitting needles and spinning wheel in September, so not a huge amount to report.

I did managed to work up a hat and matching cowl from 336 yards of handspun:

I also designed and finished off a pair of wristwarmers (matching hat and cowl to follow), which used up another 197.4 yards of yarn:

Total monthly yarn out:  533.4 yards, 149g
Total monthly yarn in: 0 yards, 0g

Net monthly yarn decrease:  533.4 yards, 149g

Monthly fibre stash reduction: 0g.

Total yarn out ytd: 13,302.9 yards, 4,656g
Total yarn in ytd: 13,750 yards, 3,180g

Net yarn increase ytd: 447.1 yards, (1,476)g

Fibre stash reduction ytd: 3,050g.