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Tour de Fleece 2017 – the victory lap

Just as Chris Froome only had to finish the final stage to with the Tour de France, I managed to complete my spinning in advance of the final day.

I had gone from

TDF 2017 – start


TDF 2017 – finish

Spinning up the following fibre:

  • 300g of Little Owl Crafts Wensleydale in natural grey became 1,080 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn

  • 100g of Sara’s Texture Crafts BFL in Strawberry colourway became 502 yards of 2-ply light-fingering weight yarn

  • 200g of Sara’s Texture Crafts Merino & Silk in Heathered Highlands colourway became 1,074 yards of 2-ply light fingering weight yarn

  • 500g of Jamieson & Smith Shetland in natural fawn became 2,036 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn

  • 100g of Wildcraft Romney in Purple Topshells colourway became 446 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn

  • 130g of Hilltop Cloud Suffolk in Winter Moss colourway became 506 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn

  • 100g of Wildcraft Jacob in The Night Circus colourway became 336 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn

  • 120g of Hilltop Cloud Exmoor Blueface in Eclipse colourway became 424 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn

  • 100g of The Double Ewe Whitefaced Woodland in Easter Brunch colourway became 306 yards of 2-ply sport weight yarn

A grand total of 1.65kg of fibre was turned into 6,710 yards of mostly 2-ply fingering weight yarn (sometimes a light fingering, sometimes a sport). Not bad for a few weeks’ work.

Stashdown 2017 – June progress

June, the halfway point in the year, saw the completion of both knitting and spinning projects, both decreasing and increasing my stash. Let’s see how it all played out.

It began with the completion of another Viajante (aka giant vagina) which I had been working on at Bungay. This used up a total of 2,078 yards.

I also did a little pre-Tour spinning, turning 100g of Oatmeal BFL into 526 yards (and 113g) of a light fingering weight 2-ply yarn:

Another 100g of BFL, this time in a natural brown, was turned into 498 yards (and 101g) of light fingering weight 2-ply:

The rest of June was spent working on another knitting project that is still a WIP as the Tour de Fleece takes over in July.

Total monthly yarn out:  2,078 yards, 176g
Total monthly yarn in: 1,024 yards, 214g

Net monthly yarn decrease: 1,054 yards, (38)g

Monthly fibre stash reduction: 200g.

Total yarn out ytd: 10,935.5 yards, 4,140g
Total yarn in ytd: 6,318 yards, 1,355g

Net yarn decrease ytd: 4,617.5 yards, 2,805g

Fibre stash reduction ytd: 1,300g.