Monthly Archives: April 2017

Stashdown 2017 – March progress

Marathon training is getting in the way of stashdown progress, but while I didn’t make a dent on my fibre stash (my legs don’t need the extra work!) I did manage to get a little bit of knitting done.

I started with some delightful feminist mittens which used up 277 yards of yarn:

Then I finally found a project for my rainbow yarn (which I was going to use in the mittens, but it was too busy), turning it into a shawlette (using up 525 yards):

And matching hat (another 243 yards):

Total monthly yarn out: 1,045 yards, 237g
Total monthly yarn in: 0 yards, 0g

Net monthly yarn decrease: 1,045 yards, 237g

Monthly fibre stash reduction: 0g.

Total yarn out ytd: 7,930.5 yards, 3,738g
Total yarn in ytd: 3,900 yards, 826g

Net yarn decrease ytd: 4,030.5 yards, 2,912g

Fibre stash reduction ytd: 800g.