Tepid Sheep 2017

In 2016 I swore off buying any yarn or fibre at all, aiming to reduce my existing stash.

I succeeded in reducing my fibre stash by 3.539kg and my yarn stash by a net 7,108 yards (reducing fibre stash increases yarn stash, so I think I did pretty well here).

I have just checked what I am starting 2017 with and it looks to be 56,265.8 yards/14.969kg of yarn (I don’t have yardage for all of the yarn) and 4.45kg of spinning fibre.

I am going to aim to reduce both stashes as much as possible, but am not banning myself from buying new additions (particularly fibre) this year. With that aim in mind I am going to try and get back into weaving, and also have a good sort through my stash and get rid of items that I am unlikely to ever use (there’s really no point it taking up space).

I can’t be bothered to drag my stash out for a photo session as I did last year, so here’s a public doman picture of some cold-ish looking sheep from Pixabay instead.

2 thoughts on “Tepid Sheep 2017

  1. Gerhild

    Hi, via Ravelry I browse your website now. Wonderful – and these beautiful sheep are amazing. Thank you for sharing this picture.


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