Cold Sheep 2016 – June progress

Just the two big knitting projects to record as progress in my 2016 cold sheep challenge this month, with no spinning (since there will be plenty of that in Tour de Fleece in July).

First was a wraparound/waterfall cardigan using a total of 1,919 yards of handspun: a mixture of Hilltop Cloud Imperial Explosion, white Shetland, and a little bit of white superwash BFL (when the Shetland ran out).

Next up was a new design (shortly to enter testing) for another wraparound/waterfall cardigan, this time using 1,366 yards of white superwash BFL handspun which I may or may not dye later.

Total monthly yarn out: 3,285 yards
Total monthly yarn in: 0 yards

Net monthly yarn decrease: 3,285 yards

Monthly fibre stash reduction: 0g.

Total yarn out year-to-date: 14,536 yards
Total yarn in year-to-date: 8,988 yards

Net yarn reduction year-to-date: 5,548 yards

Fibre stash reduction year-to-date: 2,116g.

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