Cold Sheep 2016 – May progress

It might not look like a lot of progress in terms of photos, but in terms of yardage May was a big one with 1,549 yards of handpsun being used in a long cardigan

and 500g of superwash BFL fibre being spun into 2,440 yards of 2-ply fingering weight (making this a net increase in yardage for the month (again)). July will see another large net increase with Tour de Fleece, so June is all about knitting.

Total monthly yarn out: 1,549 yards
Total monthly yarn in: 2,440 yards

Net monthly yarn increase: 891 yards

Monthly fibre stash reduction: 500g.

Total yarn out year-to-date: 11,251 yards
Total yarn in year-to-date: 8,988 yards

Net yarn reduction year-to-date: 2,263 yards

Fibre stash reduction year-to-date: 2,116g.

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