Cold Sheep 2016 – April progress

A third of the way through the year, and my first net increase to stash in the year. It won’t be as bad as July though, when the Tour de Fleece will have me spinning for almost three weeks solid. I am still ahead of the game in the year overall.

I turned my Diamond Wristers pattern into gloves, using up 317 yards of yarn in the process

I then turned to my fibre stash, spinning up 98g of grey Jacob into 452 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn

This was quickly followed by 100g of white Jacob being spun into 456 yards of fingering weight

Time after that to use up some yarn, so a total of 1,277 yards went into a sparkly fingering weight sweater (I am getting quite the collection of these this year)

Finally there was time to spin up another 208g of fibre into 954 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn

Total monthly yarn out:  1,594 yards
Total monthly yarn in:  1,862 yards

Net monthly yarn increase: 268 yards

Monthly fibre stash reduction: 406g.

Total yarn out year-to-date: 9,702 yards
Total yarn in year-to-date: 6,548 yards

Net yarn reduction year-to-date: 3,154 yards

Fibre stash reduction year-to-date: 1,616g.


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