Using up scraps: pockets

A quick tip for using up those scraps of yarn that you might have leftover after a project: pockets.

Whilst there are a number of patterns specifically written for small amounts of leftover yarn, such as the beekeeper’s quilt, sometimes you don’t want to commit yourself to such a large project (my beekeeper’s quilt was a long-term stashbusting project).

Instead, those little scraps are perfect for pockets. Use the yarn from your project to pick up the initial stitches for any pocket, and work a few rounds with it, but after that you can switch to scraps and leftovers, safe in the knowledge that (unless you turn your pockets inside out) no-one will ever know that the pocket isn’t all the same colour. This also allows you to maximise the use of your main yarn without it being hidden away.

Now you see it

Now you see it

Now you don't

Now you don’t

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