Shetland sweater pack – part 2

I have previously posted about what happened to the first part of the Shetland sweater pack from Hilltopcloud that I spun up into 2,396 yards of fingering weight 2-ply yarn. The first part was turned into a sweater and I liked the pattern Chantalle so much (and having already paid for it) I decided to turn the remainder of my sweater pack yarn into a cardigan version of the same pattern.

This pattern is worked top-down, so once I had completed the yoke I was able to work the arms to the desired length and then just keep on knitting until almost all of the yarn was used up, finishing with some ribbing. I am very happy with the result, and look forward to using up some of my other handspun yarn on similar large projects such as this.

I love how the variegation in the dyeing is shown off by the simple stockinette majority, but is not lost in the lace sections.


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