Shetland sweater pack – part 1

My favourite indie fibre dyer, Katie Weston at hilltopcloud, offers Shetland sweater packs in 500g continuous strips. I spun mine up as part of this year’s Tour de Fleece, but only recently got round to working with it. The idea is that 500g should be enough to allow you to knit or crochet an entire sweater. I spun my fibre up to a fingering weight (my preferred weight of yarn to work with), managing to create 2,396 yards total.


I wanted a simple pattern to show off the variations from the dyeing and spinning, so picked Chantalle by Vanessa Smith. This pattern is mostly stockinette with a lace collar in a v-neck. It knit up nice and quickly and only used 231g (1,092 yards), under half of the sweater pack.

I plan on using the remainder of the pack to make the same pattern, but this time in a cardigan.

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