Tour de Fleece 2015 – Day 7

Ugh, I get really bored with plying. All of that treadling and just guiding the singles through, making sure there aren’t any breaks. I am very tempted to invest in an e-spinner and a tensioned lazy kate to speed up the process. I took the opportunity of the good weather to take this rather tedious part of spinning out into the sunshine, just listening to the cricket and not watching any of the Tour or the tennis. I did watch the Tour highlights as I skeined up my newly plied yarn and apart from the sprint finish it does not seem like I missed much.

I have ended up with 2,396 yards of fingering weight yarn, weighing 505g. Not bad for seven days work. It’s all now hanging up to dry after having a good soak.

IMG195 TDF - Day 7


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