Tour de Fleece 2015 – Day 6

Another multi-sport day with tennis, cricket and the Tour to keep up with. At one point I switched from the British Eurosport coverage of the Tour on the TV to the ITV4 coverage on my ipad (to watch the tennis on the TV instead of the ipad), but luckily it wasn’t for long as ITV have longer and more frequent ad breaks and the jingle they use drives me mental. Sad to see Tony Martin crash at the end.

A day spent plying, getting about 300g of the 500g plied together. I would have liked to have skeined the plied yarn up tonight, but it was getting a bit late and I don’t want to overwork my shoulders. That leaves 200g to ply tomorrow and the whole lot to skein and soak, and I will finally find out my yardage.

IMG188 TdF - Day 6

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