Tour de Fleece 2015 – Day 2

I spent a couple of hours in the morning running around Bristol trying to find sheep, but after I had cycled home, had a shower, gone to the shops, and uploaded various photos, I was able to get down to some spinning. It seemed to take forever to finish off the bobbin I had started yesterday, the Tour had finished for the day by the time I did. This allowed me to weigh the bobbin, and the remaining fibre to find out how much I had started with. This came to 523g, which meant that I had spun 83g yesterday.

I kept on spinning, working my way through the recorded highlights of the Paris Diamond League meeting, and the British Athletics championships. By the time I finished for the day (around 22:30), I had spun up another 118g, bringing me up to 201g total (the amount I had aimed to spin after two days). I should be able to get an earlier start tomorrow, no sheep to find, no training sessions to attend, just a 5km run to do before I can get started.

IMG162 TDF - Day 2


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