Tour de Fleece 2015 – Day 1

The Tour de France has come around again, and with it the Tour de Fleece. 2014 was my first experience of the Tour de Fleece and I was working only with spindles that year. This year I will be working with my Ashford Joy 2 wheel and have set myself a big challenge in terms of quantity.

imageI will be starting with a Hilltop Cloud Shetland sweater pack, which is 500g (at least), and which I hope to finish before I leave for residential school in a week’s time (where my spinning time will be severely restricted by 12 hour days plus marathon training to fit in). If I manage to get through all of that then there is 200g of Catherine Howard (the blue and pink fibre), which is the oldest fibre in my stash (bought 29th December 2013 according to my records, in anticipation of learning to spin). If I somehow manage to get that far (and I currently have the final 3 days of the tour scheduled to spend in France) then there is another 200g of Blue Tit (the yellow and blue fibre). All fibre is Hilltop Cloud and I am only competing for Team Hilltop Cloud and Team Lovers of Ashford UK (since all of my spinning will be done on my Ashford Joy 2).

I started day 1 a little late, having attended a 3 hour running training session in the morning on a whim and having to cycle home afterwards. I had hoped to get 100g under my belt for day 1, but the scales say I still have 440g of the sweater pack left. I think I have at least 85g on the bobbin though, rather than only 60. I will find out when I switch bobbins tomorrow and can weigh the full one.


IMG155 TdF - Day 1

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