2014 – a review of the year – spinning

2014 was the year in which I decided to have a go at spinning fibre into yarn. I started with a drop spindle kit from HilltopCloud and dove straight in.

My first attempt was what you would expect, a bit lumpy and bumpy. Thick in some places, thin in others. But it was yarn

SONY DSCand I turned it into some fingerless mitts.

IMG029 WristwarmersMy spindling efforts gradually improved as I started to get the hang of drafting and I began to create some consistent singles.

SONY DSCTour de Fleece came along in July and I focused my time and efforts on my spindling. I also tried my hand at basic plying (also on my drop spindle), and was pretty happy with the results.

SONY DSCI was spinning some pretty fine singles by this point, so gave chain-plying a go. A bit of a pain but possible to do on a drop spindle, though time consuming.

SONY DSCIn September I bought my first spinning wheel: an Ashford Joy 2 and used it to ply some singles I was finishing spindling.


I haven’t touched any of my spindles since. From my first wheel-spun yarns I have moved from 2-ply

SONY DSCto chain plying.

SONY DSCThe final yarn I spun (and finished) in 2014 is 174 yards of fingering weight chain plied Dorset Horn fibre:


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