The big pattern move

January 1st is fast approaching, and with it new rules regarding how VAT on digital goods is collected within the EU (read more about it here). I was hoping to remain a fully independent seller of knitting patterns, but the third party sellers I looked into that allowed this (by taking on the VAT responsibility) were either very expensive or I didn’t like their set-up/visuals. I have therefore moved all of my patterns over to ravelry where they can be stored in and accessed from user’s libraries (though you do not have to be a ravelry member to buy).

From January 1st, patterns identified as being sold to a customer in the EU will be routed through LoveKnitting, where VAT will be added at checkout depending on the rate applicable to your location. These patterns will still appear in your ravelry library (if you are a ravelry member). There may be a slight delay after January 1st before patterns will be available to EU customers whilst patterns are ported from ravelry to LoveKnitting, so if in doubt, buy now!

I have increased prices slightly to reflect the additional costs incurred by moving from a fully independent system to using third party platforms, and I hope my customers will understand that the alternative to this was to remove all patterns from sale. I do not anticipate having to review prices again in the near future and have attempted to keep the increases minimal.

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