Spinning wheelapalooza part 2

I haven’t had much of a chance to play with my mystery wheel yet as I’ve been revising for an exam and in training for a half marathon (I wasn’t about to pull a muscle learning to treadle). I have managed to hook it up with a new drive band and got it drawing a leader, but could only consistently treadle whilst standing up. It’s an old wheel that hasn’t been used in a while so I’ve been feeding it bits of oil to loosen everything up.

I have still been keeping an eye out for the wheel I actually want, an Ashford Joy 2, though. After the exam and half marathon were over I found a really good deal on one with a double treadle and a carry bag from a store up in Sanday. I ordered it on Monday and waited for a tracking number to come through (they are sent from a mainland distributor). I’ve finished off a couple of knitting projects recently so decided to finish off some spinning I was working on, getting my hands reacquainted with drafting, and just as I got some fibre on the spindle there was a knock on the door. My new spinning wheel had arrived!

Rather spookily I had watched a video on how to assemble an Ashford Joy about 10 minutes before sitting down to spin, so I cracked open the box, unwrapped the components and set it all up. Everything was where it was supposed to be, the only thing I had to do was attach the brake band and tension it to draw in a leader. Treadling is nice and smooth and I am loving the double treadle already even though I haven’t spun anything.

I have two big plastic crates of fibre, so will pull out something from the undyed crate to learn on, probably some Shetland. Just as soon as I finish the merino I have set aside for this other spinning project (project monogamy can be such a trial).

Here it is folded up:


Ashford Joy 2and unfolded ready to go (well, when I pull the spare bobbins out of the way):

Ashford Joy 2Excited!

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