Tour de Fleece – week 2

The Tour de France has now been going for two weeks, with one rest day so far. The race has been attritional with riders competing with broken wrists, hands and tibias, but all I have suffered is a little bit of an ache in my left hand which I draft with. I’m pleased with my progress having spindle spun 300g of superfine shetland (and about another 5g of BFL) over 13 days, 200g of which has been simply 2-plied and 100g which has been chain plied.

I will be spending the remainder of le Tour in Ireland at the European Juggling Convention so won’t be able to put as much time in. I am taking a trindle, a nostepinne and 300g of fibre with me, though. And no juggling props (fibre is much easier to pack).

IMG158 TDF week 2 collage

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