Tour de Fleece – week 1

The Tour de France has gone through 7 stages (though not all of the riders have) and I have completed 7 days of spinning as part of the Tour de Fleece. So far I have spun up 200g of Shetland superfine wool using my new trindle. The first 100g I created a plying ball for (note to self, do not do this direct from the cops next time, massive tangle) and then plied into a heavy fingering/sport weight yarn. The second 200g I spun each cop into centre-pull balls and then bodged together a lazy kate using a couple of chopsticks and a cardboard box before plying.

Next up is learning to chain ply whilst spindle spinning. A disadvantage of spindling over using a spinning wheel is winding on the yarn to the spindle, transforming it for later plying and then having to wind that on too. Just having to deal with bobbins would surely cut down on a lot of that time, so I’m going to try doing the spinning and plying all in one, then skeining directly from the cop.

IMG134 TDF week 1

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