Commission central

It has been commission central at Doggrell Designs in the last month since dropping down from full-time studenting to part-time studenting (via the joys on a three-hour exam). You can check them out in the commissions photo album.

It’s now time for a little bit of rest and relaxation before the Tour de Fleece starts, where I’ll be competing as part of Team Hilltop Cloud (the etsy seller who sold me a learn to spin kit – see her website here). I’ll be aiming to spin something every day that the Tour de France cyclists are pedalling, so get the same rest days as them but also have to challenge myself on the same days as they do. This will include taking my drop spindle over to Ireland for EJC.

So I’m getting a little practice in while the tennis is on, and I’m starting to see some results from spinning regularly:


After Tour de Fleece is over I’ve got my mind on a few new designs, so watch this space!

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