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New look

I had a minor fight with iweb today after I realised it was no longer displaying my blog posts correctly, and after a prolonged discussion we decided to part ways for blogging purposes.

My main site will still be using iweb, but the blog will be in this wordpress format (but in pretty much the same place). You should be able to get around the site using the headers above (once everything has updated to my hosting).


Long time, no post


Oops, it’s been a while since I updated this blog and also a while since I published a pattern. I started an Open University degree in October and with the arrival of my nephew in August it’s all been a bit busy over the last 12 months or so.

I do currently have a new design that’s in testing (spolier above), if anyone wants to test it out the details can be found here:
I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain why I no longer participate in the ravelry in-store LYS program. This is a scheme whereby customers in participating stores can buy patterns available as ravelry downloads without using paypal and can have their pattern printed off there and then or emailed and/or stored in their ravelry library if they are a member.

In the last couple of weeks I have seen a number of incidences of LYSes not respecting designer copyright (for example by making additional copies beyond the customer copy, making copies from books, or printing and distributing free patterns) or the terms of the agreement (for example by selling to people not physically in the store). In all cases it has been the LYS that has been reporting this behaviour as if it were normal and acceptable and little or nothing has been said to the contrary.
Add on top of that the debacle of Trendsetter Yarns out and out stealing a designer’s pattern (read more here which had apparently been distributed by LYSes, again without designer permission and in violation of their copyright, and I’m afraid that I have lost confidence in LYSes to honour and protect my copyright.
As such I have therefore taken the decision to no longer grant stores access to my patterns. Some may claim this is cutting off my nose to spite my face, but I believe in protecting my copyright and without being able to visit each LYS to see their practices, or without the large order numbers to justify the substantial LYS cut, it isn’t worth it to me. All patterns will continue to be available on ravelry (no log-in is required to purchase) and if it means losing out on in-store purchases from non-ravelry members then so be it. I am but a little fish in a very large sea so unlikely to be noticed anyway.