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Covered in Bees!

Covered in bees

I have finished writing up and photographing my latest design – Covered in Bees!
It is a “delicate shawlette with a bit of a sting. Cover yourself in bees made out of your favourite sock yarn. Wear as either a small shawl or a neckerchief, protecting delicate skin from sun and cold with fearsome bees”.
As promised, designed, knit and published all in the month of August and available for a very reasonable £2.50.

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Knitting is serious business


My first proper day of no longer working (yesterday was a lot of running around), and it was up late and a good few hours spent working on a new shawlette design. A couple of hours of searching through stitch dictionaries, then swatching and charting (with more swatching thrown in for good measure).
I’m hoping to create and publish a new pattern each month (some free, some for sale) and this will be the first for August.

Knit Nation 2010


I went along to Knit Nation at Imperial College yesterday. I had found out about the event too late in the day to take time off work and book classes, so just went along for the shopping and Ravelry party.
There was a good range of vendors in the marketplace which was somewhat dominated by Wollmeise and I took the opportunity to grab a few skeins (it is notoriously hard to get hold of but I only got 8 skeins of sock and one of lace).
I also bumped into Velvet (finally), it’s rather odd meeting people off the interweb.
The Ravelry party was in the evening and I managed to catch up with Jess and Casey beforehand to hand over some goodies that I had promised them (beer) and have a quick chat (they are too sweet).
The party was good fun, but I had to leave before the raffle to get my train back to Bristol.
I was very inspired to take my new-found time to properly get into designing and some dyeing, so expect this website to go through a few incarnations. Click the photo for a link to my album of the day.