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Tour de Fleece 2015 – round up

2015 was the second year I have participated in the Tour de Fleece, and the first time I have used a wheel instead of a spindle (though I switched to a Trindle at the end). This enabled me to eat through the 900g of fibre I had set myself as my challenge, creating 4,160 yards of fingering weight yarns of varying colourways. I even managed to spin whilst I was away at residential school for a week, and whilst attending funerals and birthdays. I’m very pleased with what I managed to achieve.




Tour de Fleece 2015 – Days 18-21

Very little spinning done on days 18-21 of this year’s Tour. Day 18 was spent travelling to and attending the funeral of a friend who died suddenly in an accident a couple of weeks ago. Day 19 was spent travelling from Manchester to Suffolk for a 50th birthday weekend, and so went days 20 and 21. I only had my trindle with me, and was working on some Hilltop Cloud British superfine alpaca.

IMG258 TdF 2015 - Days 18-21




Tour de Fleece 2015 – Day 17

After a nice rest day it was onto the plying of the last of the fibre I had set aside to spin during this year’s Tour. Just as the riders must have thought that the line would never come in Pra Loup, I thought the plying would never be done. I just managed to finish it and get it skeined up before heading out the door to go to a comedy gig. It came to a very pleasing 880 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn, which has now had a bath and is drying.

I will be switching to a spindle now, but won’t get much done tomorrow as I have to travel to Manchester for a funeral, then will be travelling to Suffolk on Friday for a 50th birthday bash (and will have decidedly limited access to the interwebs).

IMG254 TdF - Day 17


Tour de Fleece 2015 – Day 16

A bit of a clonk on the head for Geraint Thomas today, I was glad to see him cross the line. I also crossed the line of finishing spinning the last of the singles of the 200g of Blue Tit. A rest day tomorrow, then I will ply it up, thereby finishing all of the fibre I had set myself to spin during the Tour. I have picked out 100g of Hilltop Cloud alpaca to spindle spin for the remaining time while I will be away from my wheel. That will take me to a round 1kg spun during the Tour.

IMG245 TdF - Day 16




Tour de Fleece 2015 – Day 14

Another multi-sport day as I managed to watch all of the British Eurosport coverage of the Tour today, whilst also listening to the cricket, and caught up on the Athletics too. I finished spinning up the singles of the Catherine Howard roving and even managed to ply and skein it before bedtime. It came to 884 yards of fingering weight yarn, which I am pretty pleased with as I thought it might be more of a dk weight when I was spinning the singles. I get to start on my final 200g that has been specifically set aside for the Tour tomorrow.

IMG224 TdF - Day 14

Tour de Fleece 2015 – Day 13

A good chunk of spinning done today, around 35g. I could have done more but decided to have a nap as I had a race this evening and wanted to catch up a little on my sleep after residential school. If I don’t go to the harbourside festival tomorrow I may be able to finish off this braid ready for plying on Sunday. I even managed to watch all of the Tour coverage while I span, but ended up seeing a bit more of Jean-Christophe PĂ©raud than I had bargained on after his crash. No spare pair of shorts in the team car?

IMG216 TdF - Day 13