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Stashdown 2017 – April progress


April was a quiet month in my stashdown challenge, and I have only just got round to having photos taken of what I did complete. Just a short-sleeved stranded pullover in handspun this month, which used up 927 yards of yarn. No yarn in though, which is just as well with Tour de Fleece starting to approach on the horizon.



Total monthly yarn out: 927 yards, 226g
Total monthly yarn in: 0 yards, 0g

Net monthly yarn decrease: 927 yards, 226g

Monthly fibre stash reduction: 0g.

Total yarn out ytd: 8,857.5 yards, 3,964g
Total yarn in ytd: 3,900 yards, 826g

Net yarn decrease ytd: 4,957.5 yards, 3,138g

Fibre stash reduction ytd: 800g.

Stashdown 2017 – March progress

Marathon training is getting in the way of stashdown progress, but while I didn’t make a dent on my fibre stash (my legs don’t need the extra work!) I did manage to get a little bit of knitting done.

I started with some delightful feminist mittens which used up 277 yards of yarn:


Then I finally found a project for my rainbow yarn (which I was going to use in the mittens, but it was too busy), turning it into a shawlette (using up 525 yards):


And matching hat (another 243 yards):


Total monthly yarn out: 1,045 yards, 237g
Total monthly yarn in: 0 yards, 0g

Net monthly yarn decrease: 1,045 yards, 237g

Monthly fibre stash reduction: 0g.

Total yarn out ytd: 7,930.5 yards, 3,738g
Total yarn in ytd: 3,900 yards, 826g

Net yarn decrease ytd: 4,030.5 yards, 2,912g

Fibre stash reduction ytd: 800g.

Stashdown 2017 – February progress

February has been a quiet month in terms of stashdown. I started with spinning up some fibre, 300g (really 310g) of Corriedale becoming 1,578 yards of light fingering weight 2-ply.


I then¬†decided to try my hand at weaving to use up some yarn. It had been a few years since I’d used the loom so figured I should have a bit of a test run first. My first experiment with trying to use two heddles to weave a double wide cloth did not go as planned, and ended up in a lot of yarn, 1,007 yards, making its way to the bin (but at least it was cheap leftovers from another project).

I stuck to weaving strips of fabric from my handspun and sewing them together to make a bit of a wobbly blanket (the strips weren’t all of the same length in the end), using up 2,600 yards.


Total monthly yarn out: 3,607 yards, 926g
Total monthly yarn in: 1,578 yards, 310g

Net monthly yarn decrease: 2,029 yards, 616g

Monthly fibre stash reduction: 300g.

Total yarn out ytd: 6,885.5 yards, 3,501g
Total yarn in ytd: 3,900 yards, 826g

Net yarn decrease ytd: 2,985.5 yards, 2,675g

Fibre stash reduction ytd: 800g.

Stashdown 2017 – January progress

January has come and gone and so too has some of my stash (both yarns and fibre). I started by sorting through my yarn stash and donated yarns that I wouldn’t use to my local Children’s Scrapstore. This got rid of a large chunk which was mostly thick (and cheap) cotton bought to practise the principles of weaving with when I first got my loom.

Unwanted yarn ready to be sent to children's scrapstore tomorrow #stashdown2017

A photo posted by @fakoriginal on

In total that reduced my stash by 3,278.5 yards and 2,575g (remembering that for some of these yarns I have only weight and not yardage).

I also got on with some spinning for a blanket I am planning to weave, starting with 300g of Black Welsh top turning into 1,322 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn (which now weighs 304g)


Next I tackled some grey Corriedale fibre, turning what was supposed to be 100g into 524 yards and 105g of 2-ply light fingering weight yarn.


Then I spun up 100g of dark brown Corriedale to make 107g of 2-ply light fingering weight yarn totally 476 yards.


Turns out the people I have been buying this fibre from have been overestimating slightly on the weight.

A quick reminder of what I started the year with (adjusted for some white Welsh top that had been spun but not marked as completed at the end of the year):


  • 56,641.8 yards
  • 15.071kg


  • 4.45kg

Total monthly yarn out:  3,278.5 yards, 2,575g
Total monthly yarn in: 2,322 yards, 516g

Net monthly yarn decrease: 956.5 yards, 2,059g

Monthly fibre stash reduction: 500g.

Revised totals:


  • 55,685.3 yards
  • 13,012kg


  • 3.95kg

Total yarn out ytd: 3,278.5 yards, 2,575g
Total yarn in ytd: 2,322 yards, 516g

Net yarn decrease ytd: 956.5 yards, 2,059g

Fibre stash reduction ytd: 500g.