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Darling Buds

Today I have released a new shawlette designed for sock yarn.

A crescent-shaped shawlette with a delicate knitted-on edging featuring rambling flowers. Nice and light, just enough to give you a little bit of warmth and bring a bit of colour into your life.

Perfect for that special skein of sock yarn, and works with variegated, semi-solid, and solid colourways. No short rows used.

Darling Buds

More photos available here.

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Flutter on by – airborne

I have been trying to get this pattern test-knit for a few months now but without success, so after some tech editing I’ve decided to release it into the wild for free.


Add a little whimsy to your wardrobe with winged creatures that won’t eat your woollens.

Knitted in fingering/sock/4-ply, available direct from the free patterns section of my site.

Barcode Mittens


Convertible colourwork mittens with half-fingers, perfect for those of a geeky/nerdy persuasion.
Available in two sizes: medium and large.
Customisable to your individual hand size and shape.
Barcode colourwork pattern is charted.
Available for £1.75

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The bee theme continues with this bee-covered cowl. Try your hand at beekeeping and have them swarming around your neck safely with this cowl. Perfect for using up sock yarn it can be adjusted for width and length for that perfect fit.

Available as a single pattern for £1.75 or as part of a 3 pattern e-book with Covered in Bees and Hive for £5.00.

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Reverse the bee decline by creating your own hive. Two easy-to-master lace patterns combine to make this leaf-edged stole which keep a swarm of bees firmly in check.

The pattern can be knitted in a heavier weight of yarn, or with different proportions to make anything from a scarf to a blanket.

Available for £2.50.

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Harebell Glade


Two easy-to-master lace patterns combine to make this leaf-edged stole which, with optional beads, can take you from day to night, and right through all of the seasons. Beads add a touch of glamour.

The pattern can be knitted in a heavier weight of yarn, or with different proportions to make anything from a scarf to a blanket.

Available for £2.50.

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Printer friendly


All of my patterns are now available in a printer friendly format. These are streamlined to have no images included and all of the charts are moved to the end of the pattern (black chart squares have also been replaced with grey chart squares to reduce ink consumption). You can find the printer friendly versions on each pattern’s Ravelry page (if you purchase a pattern you will get access to both versions).



March Madness continues with another design rolling off the board, inspired by the latest offering from apple, the ipad2.

A cabled cosy for your ipad with ever watchful owls to look after its precious cargo. Designed to fit both 1st and 2nd generation ipads. Beads can be used for the eyes, but I would advise against it as they may scratch the screen. Instead use small sequins, or some contrasting thread.

Available for £2.50.

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A summer hug. One piece to keep your arms warm on summer evenings with the bonus feature of being unable to lose an arm (unlike with wristwarmers). Increase your needle size to accommodate increases in arm circumference so it can fit anyone. Perfect for displaying those bumper yardage sock yarns where everyone can see them.

Available for £2.50.

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Sun2Sno and Shocks


I finally finished the fifth pattern for my e-book of shawls and shrugs made from sock yarn. The pattern is Sun2sno and is a half-pi shawlette with a non-lacy edging.
It is available individually for £2.50 and the entire e-book can be bought for £10.00.

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